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Recent acknowledgments of the efforts and the consistent care provided at Capricorn Cottage

Our our daughter who has been living at Capricorn Cottage for a number of years we have seen a number of changes of managers & staff both excellent & not so more recently all aspects of residents care has seen a large improvement of management & quality of staff & general care which reflects on the current manager who is overall the responsible person.

Our daughter is now the most settled than she has been in recent times her general demeanour has improved in particular one to one time she feels has a say in planning her day to day activities.

To sum up the current manager has a better / up to date style of management this has seen uplift of understanding & care for each resident wiith peronal plans being implemented.

We feel it necessary to comment on the success of the one to one scheme the staff involved must be complemented on the scheme & organisation / running.


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