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The Hive Grand Opening

There was the chatter of excitement at Capricorn Cottage this Friday, as The Hive Coffee shop formally opened its doors!

Councillor Rodney Grocock along with Christine Grocock, the First Lady of South Holland cut the ribbon whilst "Pavanotti" entertained the residents, their families, neighbours and staff who all came to support on this special occasion.

Chris Jones, Manager at Capricorn welcomed everyone and resident Tony Ralph, said a few words before Councillor Grocock‘s opening speech. The Hive represents a significant step in the right direction for Capricorn Cottage in terms of increasing levels of independence, promoting choice and providing the opportunity for the people who live here to enjoy new experiences,

It will be managed by residents with as much or as little support from staff as is needed and will be open to the public on Wednesday from 10-12 noon. The Hive will help us to integrate into our community and for our neighbours to be a part of ours.

The Hive has generated a great deal of local interest and introduced us to people who would like to volunteer a little of their time to share their craft and to people who can offer fundraising support and ideas. We are very excited about the future at Capricorn Cottage.

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