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Welcome to Capricorn Cottage's 
Residential and Respite Service

Capricorn Cottage is a purpose built care home, comprising 31 bedrooms, including 12 en-suite rooms, for people with Learning Disabilities. We are located in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Fleet in Lincolnshire.


We strive to bring the highest standard of care to enhance the quality of people’s lives, and we are committed to delivering person-centred, flexible support that promotes choice, dignity, respect, and control.


Our staff are trained and passionate about responding to your individual needs. They are experienced in enabling you to reach your aspirations and goals as well as developing and maintaining your life skills.



Capricorn Cottage offers a high-quality residential care service with a friendly, caring atmosphere and a highly skilled team that is responsive to your changing needs. The team will support, encourage, and empower you to reach your full potential, to make informed choices within all aspects of your lives.


We offer innovative person-centred support and care to meet your identified needs.


We offer a unique respite service within the area, as we are not a traditional respite service provider. We work with people with a wide range of needs, from a variety of different backgrounds. Being responsive to finding innovative support, we provide care solutions specifically tailored to the individual.


The team are committed to working with people in a person-centred approach to enhance their quality of life while finding opportunities for people to maintain and develop new skills, based solely on how they choose to live their lives.


We are not a ‘one size fits all’ respite service, working proactively with people. We can adapt and change the support required at every stage of a person’s stay with us.


Registered Manager

Rachael Dunn


01406 425067


Learning Disability


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88a Eastgate, Fleet, Holbeach,

Spalding PE12 8ND

For further details please contact Rachael Dunn on 01406 425 067
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