UK Covid-19 Guidance

We are delighted to announce that we are welcoming visitors to our UK Homes!

We ask that you respect the following visiting guidelines when visiting the home to ensure that we keep our Residents, Staff and Visitors safe:


  • Every resident can have ‘named visitors’ who will be able to enter the care home for regular visits. There is no limit on the number of named visitors that a single resident can have, and no limit on the number who can visit in a single day.

  • Every resident can choose to nominate an essential care giver who may visit the home to attend to essential care needs. The essential care giver should be enabled to visit in all circumstances, including if the care home is in outbreak (but not if the essential care giver or resident are COVID-positive).

  • Pearl Healthcare homes will carry on with the visiting booking system to ensure that all residents and their families can benefit from frequent and safe visits.     

  • Upon arrival, visitors are required to wear PPE i.e. Face masks and complete a Lateral Flow Test. If the test is negative the visitors can proceed with the visit. If positive, you will be asked to leave and seek further assistance.

  • All visits will be taking place in the designated area.

  • Babies and toddlers can accompany a visitor allowing grandparents to once again see their grandchildren.

  • Named visitors and residents are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum (excluding essential care givers). Physical contact like handholding is acceptable if hand washing protocols are followed. Close personal contact such as hugging presents higher risks but will be safer if it is between people who are double vaccinated, without face-to-face contact, and when there is brief contact only.

  • Where deemed necessary through the risk assessments, residents can be accompanied by a staff member to support them and visitors with safe conditions and environment during the visit.