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Capricorn Cottage

Pearl Healthcare are specialists at providing Learning Disability Services in Lincolnshire. We provide bespoke support for people with a learning disability who have range of additional complex needs; including Autism, physical disabilities, mental health conditions and behaviour that can be perceived as challenging.


We offer a range of accommodation and services to meet the changing nature in people's needs.

Our values and ethos are reflected in promoting independence, empowering people we support to take control over all aspects of their lives. We respect people’s choice, dignity, diversity, and personal beliefs systems are key values that underpin our philosophy. 

We pride ourselves on being an organisation that listens, is proactive and responsive. By finding innovative accommodation and support that is flexible we are able to develop services tailored to the needs of the individual.

88 Eastgate, Fleet, Holbeach,

Spalding PE12 8ND

For further details please contact us on 01406 425 067
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